Kelpiegallery is an online photo gallery of Australian Kelpie

 All photos taken by photographer Sofia Olsson from Sweden. The idea of ​​Kelpiegallery arose in 2005 and has since 2008 been on the Internet.

The purpose of the pictures is that they will come in use for present and future kelpie owners and breeders, in Sweden and other places around the world.  The gallery is supposed to be used as a reference from other websites wanting to refer to specific dogs.  I want to be able to display all types of kelpies both exterior and color terms but also the line basis of the individuals in breeding, competing dogs or just dogs for pleasure.

2017-01-26: Kelpiegallery has e new shape:

The new page isn’t ready yet.
It’s lots of dogs to move. You can see the dogs here in en old gallery.
This page will not more be updated.